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QSFP DD & OSFP 800G Host Compliance Test Fixtures (2021)

Amphenol's 2021 Tech Demo Series: The video demonstrates our QSFP DD 800G and OSFP 800G Host Compliance Test Fixtures (HCTF) which allow engineers to characterize all high speed lanes in a simple to use form factor. HCTF utilizes Amphenol Ardent’s patented TR Multicoax interface technology, proven in semiconductor and datacenter component development globally, and allows engineers to develop and characterize systems and devices using these cutting-edge high-speed ports and connectors. The TR interface mates directly to the QSFP DD Paddlecard and fans out to user friendly spaced 1.85 mm test points culminating in a fixture that meets both IEEE 802.3 and CEI 112G/lane requirements in a mechanically robust solution with extremely low insertion loss on all 16 differential pairs not practically achievable in PCB structures. Multilane ML4062-MCB-TR QSFP DD Module Compliance Board is ideal for 400G and 800G development. This board leverages the density provided from our TR multicoax connectors to ensure that trace lengths from the QSFP DD are minimalized. The board is a fully featured, low-cost module compliance board designed to be used in manufacturing. With this form factor, users have access to a connector system that mates all lanes with just a few thumb screws and no tools required. This design was chosen by Multilane to enable a lower cost, consumable module compliance board for high volume system level testing.

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