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112G Mini Cool Edge Connector with MultiLane (2021)

Amphenol's 2021 Tech Demo Series: The video demonstrates our 112G MiniCoolEdge connector with MultiLane’s 7nm 112G PAM4 transceiver technology. The Mini Cool Edge connector is Amphenol’s SFF-TA-1002 compliant, high density high speed card edge connector. The connector portfolio includes vertical type, right angle type, and straddle mount type. The SI performance of the connectors are well designed to perform in the highest speed system in the current market. We are honored to collaborate with MultiLane who is ready for the fast approaching emergence of 112G PAM4 interfaces into the market. This test chip supports channels ranging from short reach, chip-to-optics solutions all the way to long reach interconnects with multiple connectors in the path. This latest iteration of the MultiLane 112G PAM4 transceiver is built on the same 7nm technology as the Versal ACAPs and will be integrated into Versal Premium devices.

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