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EXAMAX2 Cable Assembly Running at 112G (2021)

Amphenol's 2021 Tech Demo Series: The video demonstrates eTopus 112G ePHY SERDES IP sending and receiving four channels of 106.25 Gb/s PAM4 modulated serial data over a 1m EXAMAX2 cabled backplane analog. The fully aggressed channel maintained better than pre-FEC (Forward Error Correction) bit-error rate (BER) of 9e-6 and post FEC BER of 1e-22 throughout the duration of the two day event. The successful demonstration shows the power of eTopus's low jitter transmitter and ADC/DSP architecture as well as the exceptionally low reflections and crosstalk of the EXAMAX2 product line. EXAMAX2 is fully backwards compatible with all previous ExaMAX products. This provides customers a cost effective migration path from speeds below 25 Gb/s up to speeds of at least 112Gb/s. As well as superior signal integrity, EXAMAX2 provides best in class insertion forces while maintaining Hard Metric standards and utilizing standard application tooling.

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